We had a heap of fun creating some DIY chalk a little while back. They turned out so well that we decided to give them out to my daughters’ class as a small Christmas gift.  It is so easy to do and my kids had such fun doing it.

To DIY chalk, you will need some plaster of paris (you can find it here), water and some kids non toxic, washable paint. To mix the ingredients, you will need a small container like a measuring jug, paper cup etc. and some ice cube trays to mold the chalk.

  1. Place around a quarter of a cup of plaster of paris into your container. Now, mix some water in until you get a thick, slushy consistency. Once the water is all mixed in, add in the colour of your choice.  When we added our paint, the mixture went quite thick, so we just added more water until it was bit runny.
  2. Now, spoon your mixture into the ice cube containers and let it dry. We left ours for a few days to make sure they were dry all the way through.
  3. Once completely dry simply pop the chalk out of the trays and go ahead and draw your favourite pictures on the driveway. DIY chalk is a great way to get the kids creativity going, without any permanent reminders! Maybe even give the old hopscotch a go.

    We packaged the chalk up into little paper carrybags which my daughter decorated with stamps and stickers. Everyone commented on how good they looked and she could honestly say she made it herself!