Here at Craftly & Co we love to come up with ideas to get our children’s imagination and creativity flowing. So we have come up with 5 ways you can get your children crafting that cost next to nothing.

This is a really easy activity that can be done fairly quickly and with great results. You can use this confetti for birthday parties, dressing up art projects and even for putting into envelopes when sending out party invitations.

You will need:

  • A paper punch
  • Lots of leaves of different colours

Lets do this!

  • Simply punch holes in all the leaves and collect them as you go!
  • Perfect for decorating everything and is great for the environment!

If you have a sand pit out the back then you are ready for this. Kids are so creative and will generally take an idea and run with it. All you need to do is give them some inspiration and watch them shine.

I like to make a frame out of sticks and twigs so it looks like a picture in a frame.

You will need:

  • Sand
  • Twigs, sticks etc for a frame
  • Another Twig for drawing or they can use their fingers

Lets do this:

  1. Flatten out a patch of sand, doesn’t matter what size, just big enough for your child to be creative.
  2. Create a border, or frame with your sticks, it can be as big or small as you like.
  3. Give your child some inspiration, for example – draw something that they love, draw mum, draw your favourite animal…the list goes on!
  4. Let them draw their little hearts out.
  5. Take a picture and give to all the grandparents 🙂

You can find beautiful leaves anywhere, & at any time of year. Take the kids out to a park, or on a walk around your neighbourhood to go on a ‘leaf hunt’.

You will need:

  • Paint & paint brushes
  • Paper
  • Leaves from the garden

Lets do this:

  1. Paint the prettiest side of your leaf. Be fairly generous with the paint
  2. Press the painted side of the leaf onto your paper and be amazed at the beautiful designs your leaves will make.
  3. Once dry, you can hang the designs up around the house or even use it as wrapping paper.

The kids will be so proud that their designs are being put to such a good use!

This has been around since the beginning of time, but we are going to jazz it up a bit by sprinkling our love everywhere! Once you have painted your rocks, why not spread them around the neighbourhood or on walking trails to brighten up the day of passers by.

You will need:

  • Paint & paint brushes
  • Rocks

Lets do this:

  1. Decide on a look for each of your rocks, this will be determined by the size and shape of each rock. Your child might like to create a special character or use a smiley face for example.
  2. Carefully paint each rock with your design.
  3. Make sure you allow time for these to dry properly before distributing the cheer!

Building little models is the name of the game here. Go out and collect some pine cones, nuts, twigs or anything the kids like. Pine cones are great for this activity, but not everyone has access to them.

You will need:

  • Glue
  • Pinecones, leaves, nuts from the garden
  • Paint & paint brushes

Lets do this:

  1. Assemble your materials and decide on the creature you are aiming to create (it can be based on a real creature or based on your kids’ imagination).
  2. Carefully glue together the components and allow to dry.

  3. Finally, paint on any details (like eyes or mouths).

If you don’t have the time (or the energy) for some home crafts, why not take a look at our Mother’s Day Gifts here.

Thanks for reading and joining us on our crafting adventures.
Stay tuned for our second post of this series soon!