Have you ever tried to make your own St Patrick’s Day wooden Round? Well, this year we decided to give it a crack.

This is a pretty simple project to create and you really only need a few things and some imagination!

So, it all started with this fabulous sublimation file that I purchased last week. I have just started experimenting with blanks other than tumblers and glass cans and thought I would make a wooden sign to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The only problem was, I didn’t have a sublimation wooden round to use. I tried sublimating my image straight onto the wooden round I already had at home, but my Easy Press just wasn’t big enough to cover the whole round and could not hit the required temperature to give me the outcome I was hoping for.

After messing around a bit I decided that instead I would recreate the image I purchased, whilst adding my own little flair to it. I am a paper crafter at heart so most of the tools I have t home are all based upon paper crafting. Now, you may think some of the materials I used are out of the ordinary for creating a wood round, but hey, it was worth a try!

For this project you will need:

    • A wooden round
    • Black chalk paint
    • 1 piece of Glitter card stock
    • 1 piece of Green card stock
    • double sided tape
    • White sign vinyl
    • Black sign vinyl
    • Glitter

Of course, this is just a guide to give you some ideas for your own round, so if you don’t have the same colours or materials, never fear, just create with what you have.

Step 1 – Paint Your Round.
Paint your wooden round with your black chalk paint. I like the end result of chalk pain, however, you can use ordinary black paint as well if you like that better.

I painted my round on a 40 degree day which is not ideal for painting, however the forecast was for more of the same that week so I just pushed ahead and did it. It actually turned out OK and dried in like 5 seconds! (well it felt that way anyway).

I reused the failed sublimation attempt that I had previously made – waste not, want not, and the chalk paint covered the print really well.

Step 2 – Attach the Glitter stock to your round.
Once the paint was dry, I cut down some glitter stock to match the bottom third of the round. I simply positioned the stock where I wanted it and traced around using the wooden round as a template. Then I just cut it out using my beautiful new paper scissors and adhered it to the round with some double sided tape. You could use glue or whatever you like for this step, but my tape was there and ready to use.

Image of Painted round with glitter stock about to be adhered to it

Step 3 – Adhere your glitter.
I was kind of lost on this step, I really wanted to use glittery green washi tape, but I didn’t have any and didn’t feel like getting into my hot car just to try and find some. So, I used my double sided tape again and placed it on the round where I thought it would look good. I simply covered the tape in glitter and it turned out great. I actually placed an A3 piece of paper under my round for this step and then I was able to put all the excess glitter back into its’ container without wasting any or getting it all over my work area.

Image of round with double sided tape on it

I put my round onto an A3 piece of paper then I added double sided tape where I wanted the green glitter to me. I then put the glitter on the tape (copious amounts) so that all the tape was covered.

Image of glitter on the tape after excess glitter has been shaken off

Step 4 – Attach some green cardstock to the top of the round.

Originally, I was planning to make the glitter and green card stock the same size, however at the last minute I decided to make the glitter larger and then all for more space to place my lettering. This meant that the green card stock was not really one-third of the page, but it is really up to you how you want to place it all out.

Again, I simply attached the card stock to the round with double sided tape.

Step 5 – The Lettering.
I am lucky enough to own a Silhouette Cameo 3. So I just went in and created the lettering in Silhouette Studio and cut it out on white vinyl (Metamark M7). I then downloaded a clover flourish from design bundles and cut it out on black vinyl (Metamark M7). Using the inside of the clover as the finishing touch on my sign.

Happy Crafting! xx