This week we embarked on our own little DIY project – making a cake stand. We love baking around here and one thing that we didn’t have was something to display our yummy treats on.

This is a really easy project, but does require some parental help (there is a drill involved – eekk!).

You will need:

  • 1 Drill with a masonry bit (the same size as the screw from the stand)
  • I Stand Set (click here to purchase)
  • 2 Plates (1 Dinner plate and 1 Side plate)
  • Tape (such as painters tape)
  • Ruler
What you will need
You don’t need much for this easy DIY project, just a drill, some plates and a cake stand piece.

How To:

  • Start by marking out the centre of your plates. Now, while this sounds simple enough, it really can be trickier than you think. I have linked a how to guide here to help you out.
  • Place a piece of tape over the centre of the plates in the shape of an X. This helps to stop the plates breaking when you are drilling.
Drill a hole in the centre of your plate
  • Now for the fun part! Get that drill out and start drilling a hole where you have marked the centre of each plate. Be sure to have your plate on something hard and flat, and somewhere it won’t matter if the drill goes through. Depending on how sharp your masonry bit it this will take a little while. Make sure to put pressure on the drill to help it drill through the plate. I gave my drill a little rest while I was doing this because it was struggling a little bit.
  • Now that you have your holes you can put your cake platter together. Be sure to place the screw at the bottom of the larger plate, then add your washer. Now you can screw your stand onto the top of the large plate…can you see it already taking shape?
  • Place a washer on top of the stand that you just screwed into the large plate. On top of that washer goes the small plate and then a third washer.
  • Finally, screw the handle onto the top of the small plate and there you have it, one beautiful home made cake stand!
DIY cake stand
Our finished cake stand.